It's All About Having A Well-Balanced Self.


The physical and mental demands of this world can be overwhelming. All of us are feeling unbalanced at some level. Some people say their stamina isn’t what it used to be, while others say they’re still catching whatever virus is going around.


Meet the Ayurveda Halfway


Ayurveda Wellness

We conduct Wellness Sessions & Health Promotion Activities in form of lectures, counselling, consultation & workshops in areas such as lifestyle, food, herbs etc.


Residential Panchakarma

Residential Panchkarma is the cleansing process which helps in the elimination of ama from the body and thus prevents formation of disease


Ayurveda Courses

Mentoring students and interns in Ayurveda in the Gurukul Tradition in the form of Ayurveda Basics, Dietetics and Practitioner Sessions

Mind. Body. Soul.

A Few Words About Us

Ayurveda elaborates the theory of mind-body-soul connection so well in various instances.

Along with the treatment of the diseases, we also believe in educating the patients with this divine system of medicine. Having a religious state of mind with a scientific approach in assessment is what we strive for.

Understanding the root cause of the disease and its connections with the previous lifestyle enables the patients to have a bigger picture of their health status – in a holistic way.

This Is Why

You Should Choose Us

Certified Experts

Vaidya Mahesh Sabade is practicing Ayurvedic physician over 25 years and Internationally renowned author and speaker.

Private Sessions

One-on-one consultations are perfect if you’re working with a specific health concern and want personalized recommendations and support.

Online Consultations

Online/Virtual Video Clinical Consultations for Healing, Life, and Longevity with diet, recipes, herbal medicines recommendations.

25+ Years of Experience in Ayurvedic Medicinal Cuisine

Delivered many public lectures on various subjects such as ‘Conception and Pregnancy Management’, ‘Crohn’s disease and Ayurvedic Management’, ‘Preventive Cardiology’, ‘Seasonal Regimen’ etc. in USA, Hong Kong and India.

Some of Our Recent

Ayurveda Wellness Sessions and Workshops

We conduct wellness sessions in form of lectures, counselling and consultation in the field of Ayurveda in areas such as lifestyle, food, herbs etc.